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GE-319 Insert Paddle Flow Switch (Explosion-proof)

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  GE-319 Insert Paddle Flow Switch is specially designed for the Flow Monitoring of Water Source, Water-Loop Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems and Heat Pump Water Heater. Instruments operate by a spring-supported paddel with magnetic triggering of a reed switch



* Good repeatability
* Low pressure loss
* Dirt resistant
* Hermetic separation of electrical and hydraulic components
* Stress free fixation of switch unit by plastic cap
* Anti Explosion


* Tolerance ±15% of full scal
* Media Temperature -30~110 C
* Average Pressure Loss 0.01bar at Qmax.
* Hysteresis depending on switch value, minimum 0.7 l/min.
* Metering Substances Oil, Water, Gas, Air (If special substances, please declare)
* Max Pressure 25bar (40bar could be custom-made)
* Pipe Size DN15~DN100
* Materials Brass or Stainless Steel

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