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GE-314 Small Size Stainless Steel Flow Switch

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The body of GE-314 flow switch is Stainless Steel material, used in the Petrochemical Industry, Sewage Treatment, Welding Equipment, Laser Systerm, to measure or control the flow rate.


A permanent magnet is installed in the GE-314, it is a high performance permanent magnet. The permanent magnet could control the BMF, the BMF is sealed in the top of GE-314. This switch is stability and precise with simple structure.


1. Media Temperature -30~125 C 

2. Average Pressure Loss 0.01bar at Qmax. 

3. Hysteresis depending on switch value, minimum 8 Liter per Hour.

4. Metering Substances Oil, Water, Gas, Air (If special substances, please declare) 

5. Max Pressure 30bar (100bar could be custom-made) 

6. Protection Class  IP65

7. Install Position  Horizontal or Vertical (The Wire must be top)

8. Pipe Size DN10, DN15, DN20, DN25

9. Materials Brass or Stainless Steel

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