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GE-315 Adjustable Target Paddle Flow Switch

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The GE-315 Series Target Water Flow Switch is a new type flow switch, avoilding rust and bad contact by separating the electricity from the liquid. This products totally give up the isolating part for water and electricity by corrugated pipe applied on common target flow switch. When the micro switch is operating, it won’t touch with low temperature metal part, so no condensation water, no rust and bad contact, and the Protection Grade up to IP65, it could be applied in corrosive air environment.



* Good Repeatability
* Low Pressure Loss
* Dirt Resistant
* Hermetic Separation of Electrical and Hydraulic Components
* Easy Adjustment of Switch



* Tolerance  ±15% of full scal
* Media Temperature  -30~110 C
* Average Pressure Loss  0.01bar at Qmax.
* Hysteresis  depending on switch value, Minimum 0.7 l/min.
* Metering Substances  Oil, Water, Gas, Air (If special substances, please declare)
* Max Pressure  25bar (40bar could be custom-made)
* Protection Grade  IP65
* Materials  UPVC, Brass or Stainless Steel

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