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GE-317 Small Size Brass Flow Switch for water heating

Product Detail Information

The body of GE-317 flow switch is Brass material, Sea Water Heating Systerm, Water Purification Equipment, Welding Equipment, Laser Systerm, to measure or control the flow rate. The Magnet don't stay in the flow, so the magnet will not contact with the rust of the water flow, so could make sure the flow switch will be stability.


  1. Media Temperature -20~85 C
  2. Average Pressure Loss  0.01bar at Qmax.
  3. Max Pressure  1.6M Pa
  4. Flow Rate: 1.5~30 L/Min
  5. Output: 1A(Max) 250VAC/DC 100W(Max)
  6. Protection Class  IP65
  7. Install Position  Horizontal or Vertical(The Wire must be top)
  8. Materials Brass