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GE-341 Two-way Bidirectional Paddle Flow Switches

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GE-341 Bidirectional Paddle flow switch use new structure, could monitor the flow by Two-way. It is operate by micro magnetic reed switch, it is normal Open, when flowing water push the paddle, the transfer structure change the switch condition, it close. This flow switch could be Anti Explosion-prrof.


* Work Temperature: -30C – 150C
* Max Pressure: 30bar
* Output: 40W 250VAC/DC SPDT
* Work Medium: water and oil
* Pressure Loss: less than 0.01bar
* Installation: 1”PT; Insert
* Pipe Size: DN20~DN200
* Protect Grade: IP65 (GE-341C)
* Explosion-Proof Grade: ExdIICT6 (GE-341B)


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