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GE-340 PVC Paddle Flow Switches

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Technology Data: * Max Load: 10VA 80V * Min Flow: 1L/min * Max Pressure: 10bar * Pipe Size: 25mm 32mm 40mm 50mm * Material: PVC & PP * Installation: Horizontal (if vertical, please declare) * Protection Grade: IP67 Specification: * Low Pressure Drop & Anti Corrosion environment to control flow, e.g. Swimmin Poll Heating Pump, Sea Water Pump, chlorine water, Central Heating Water Systerm * Less Pressure Loss * Proven paddle type in compact design, especially for serial applications. * Glass-fibre reinforced plastic ensures high stability * With pipe section or for push-in installation into manifolds of customer fittings * Long-term stable switching point, retreatment of paddle by magnetic force, no spring fatigue
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