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Adjustable Piston Flow Switch similar as HONSBERG FW1-008GM006 FW1-010GM006 FW1-015GM006

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Mechanical flow switch for liquid or gaseous media, with spring-supported piston and magnetic triggering of a reed switch. Rugged design in brass, but it is Nickel-plated, very beautiful outlook. Same as HONSBERG  FW1-008GM006, FW1-010GM006, FW1-015GM006.


* Minimal pressure loss
* Good repeatability
* High switch capability
* Dirt-resistant
* Hermetic separation of mechanical
 and electrical component


* Flow Range: 0.6L/min ~ 8.0L/min; 1.0L/min ~ 15L/min
* Pipe Size: 1/4” DN8; 3/8” DN10; 1/2” DN15
* Tolerance: ±5% of full scale
* Hysteresis: depend on switch position,  Min.0.5L/Min
* LED Indicater: DC indicate switch status;  AC no LED
* Mode of connection: Contact for locking plug M12
* Output:  reed switch 24VDC/250VAC 100mA
* Max Pressure:  100bar
* Average pressure loss: 0.3bar at 25L/min
* Substances temperature:  -30C ~ +90C
* Protection class: IP65 (IP67 available)


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