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Teflon Plastic Paddle Flow Switch (Anti Corrosion in sea water and Chlorine liquid)

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GE-313 Teflon Plastic Paddle Flow Switch

      This products is produced by teflon plastic material with a long paddle, suitable for big pipe, used in SPA Appliance, Sea Water Heating Systerm, Water Purification Equipment, Welding Equipment, Laser Systerm, to measure or control the flow rate.


    Teflon PTFE Plastic Material   

   High Performance in Chemical and Corrosion Environment 

   Special Useful in SPA and Sea Water Appliance  


Technology Data:

* Protection Grade: IP65
* Media Temperature: -10~100 C
* Output: SPST BMF Magnetic Switch
                 (Normal Open is standard, N.C is optional)
* Max Voltage:  3A(50VA)  
* Max Current:  250VAC/DC 50W(Max)
* Max Static Pressure: 10 Bar
* Metering Substances: Gas, Water, Oil
                      (If special substances, please declare)
* Pressure Loss:  0.01bar


1.   No Pressure Loss
2.  Proven paddle type in compact design, especially for serial applications.
3.   Glass-fibre reinforced plastic ensures high stability
4.  With pipe section or for push-in installation into manifolds of customer fittings
5.   Long-term stable switching point, retreatment of paddle by magnetic force, no spring fatigue
6.   Low Pressure Drop & Anti Corrosion environment to control flow, e.g. Swimmin Poll Heating Pump, Sea Water Pump, Central Heating Water Systerm

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