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FDA NSF Plastic Flow Switch (1/4")

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FDA & NSF Plastic Flow Switch

      This Flow Switch is produced by Noryl plactic material, have a small pipe size as DN8, NPT1/4", G1/4”. The matrial is according to FDA & NSF Standard, could be used in RO instrument, Sea Water Instrument, Chemical Water Instrument.


1. Model: GE-310 or FS-01

2. Protect Grade: IP65

3. Medium Temperature: -20C ~ 100C

4. Output: 10A 125/250VAC

5. Max Pressure: 10bar

6. Metering Substances: Gas, Water, Sea Water, Oil

7. Pipe Size: NPT1/4"  G1/4"  DN8

8. Material: POM  and 316SS

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